EMID: Elizabeth Municipal ID Program

Do you need an ID card? Consider the Elizabeth Municipal ID Program

On November 9, 2016, the Elizabeth City Council passed a city ordinance implementing the City of Elizabeth Municipal Identification Card Program (EMID). As the fourth largest municipality in New Jersey, this initiative supports our growing, diverse population.

For our residents, the EMID program provides increased access to civic and economic services. The Identification Card can be obtained at the Elizabeth Public Library Main Branch, which is located at 11 Broad Street within the City of Elizabeth. It is available to all residents of Elizabeth, including but not limited to: immigrants, the homeless as well as the formerly incarcerated and others who may have difficulty in obtaining government-issued identification.

The EMID serves as an official form of photo identification and therefore will be recognized at any public institution within the City of Elizabeth including, but not limited to: schools, the police department and municipal court. The EMID Program is proud to partner with many local businesses, banks and the Elizabeth Public Library. In addition, the EMID can be used as a library card.

Apply at the main library:
11 South Broad Street
Elizabeth New Jersey 07202